A Cadillac that has the edge

Pete Mait

Edges wherever you look, almost as if they had been sculpted with a razor blade. Comparisons with the F117 stealth bomber are unavoidable. Is the new CTS Sport Wagon perhaps invisible to radar?

But joking aside, edges are apparently back in fashion! As we already knew from previous models, the US manufacturer had been using this as a characteristic design feature for its Cadillac vehicles well before the recent and general move towards edgy styling.

It will be interesting to see how these sharp features fare against the established German top-end competition. Personally, I could well imagine having this sleek lifestyle estate model in my garage rather than one of its worthy German counterparts. With its backwards plunging roof line, the boot barely qualifies the CTS Sport Wagon for the designation 'estate car', though since it is aimed more at the lifestyle/load-lugger market segment, this shouldn't prove much of a handicap. After all, the rest of the field aren't exactly hot on stowage capacity either.