The new SMART shopping trolley

For the past two years it has been on its first endurance test: the shopping trolley rolling along on the road. Smart have been testing the Fortwo electric drive in London, which they plan to bring onto the market in a small series at the end of 2009. All together, 100 first generation Smart EV are buzzing through the capital of England.

Well, how would an endurance test for SMARTer shopping trolleys be set up in Germany? Range: 115 Km. So a shopping trip needs to be well-planned, as the total area of, for example Munich, amounts to 31,041.91 hectares. That means you would be limited to the centre of town. Just like in the days of yore every good hairstylist served an espresso or a glass of champagne, he will have to have a mains socket in the future. Charge-up time after 115 Km: 8 hours.

Next morning, after a bounteous breakfast, you can serenely set off (the Electro-Smart has a top speed of 112 km/hr) on the next shopping spree.

To sum up: Environment-conscious, with a range worthy of improvement. And, as soon as the car is on the German market, we will test how many pairs of shoes can be packed away into the luggage compartment of the Smart.
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