12-Year-Old Little Dog Surrendered to Shelter Is in Desperate Need of 'Soft Place to Land'

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Dog Tales, an animal rescue and horse sanctuary out of Ontario, Canada was founded in 2014 by a couple who dedicate their lives to animals in need. Their gorgeous rescue spans 50 acres and looks nothing like a typical pet kennel, with beautiful indoor spaces and trails for the animals to explore.

Dog Tales recently featured a precious senior dog with a foot tumor they need to find a home for. Check out sweet Cuba below.

Dog Tales writes on the video, "Cuba was surrendered to us yesterday. After his owner passed away, he was left to a family member where he became aggressive with their cats. He is 12-years-old. Cuba has a tumor on his paw, severe dental disease, an ear infection and allergies. We are urgently looking for an adoptive home for him. Please tap our link in our bio to give Cuba a soft landing in a home."

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It's so heartbreaking when a senior dog is surrendered due to their owner dying, and dogs do grieve when they are no longer with the humans they have formed strong bonds with. It does sound like Cuba needs some special care, at least at first, but what this dog needs more than anything is a human willing to give them all the love and affection he deserves. He's such a beautiful little dog.

People in the TikTok comments agree and one person said, "He looks like the sweetest boy who was just sad and confused in his new situation." Another added, "God bless this baby with a wonderful forever home."

Here's hoping this precious senior dog gets just that.

Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pup

Senior dogs deserve to live out their golden years before they cross the rainbow bridge in a home full of all the love and care they deserve. Many dogs don't do well in shelters, and a dog who has lived all their life with one owner only to be surrendered may have a more difficult time with kennel stress.

Adopting a senior dog means you will be freeing up kennel space for another deserving pet to find a home. Finally, senior dogs are so loving and grateful and have a lot of life left to live. If you are interested in adopting a senior dog, please check with your local animal shelter or humane society.

If you would like more information on precious Cuba, or to make plans to visit one of their open houses, you can visit the Dog Tales website here.

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