Hardliners set out Brexit demands Press Association
Girl, 12, attacked in 'horrific' mugging Press Association
Firm to auction off affordable classics Brightwells
Northern Lights mystery solved Morfi Tuugii via Getty Images
Know these obscure words? LUHUANFENG via Getty Images
Motorist narrowly avoids terrible fate Reuters
Panic as paw gets stuck in escalator Inside Edition
Vine: I see up to 40 offences each day PA Wire/PA Images
I don't want my skin condition to fade Barcroft
Female wrestling school is a first Press Association
Battle of puns hides cost of KFC crisis Darren Staples / Reuters
Guilty plea over ambulance note Facebook
Why isn't upskirting a criminal offence? Getty Images/iStockphoto
Fergie addresses anthem row Allen Berezovsky via Getty Images
Gluten intolerance or ovarian cancer? gpointstudio
Parents lose life support battle PA Wire/PA Images
A skyscraper built out of wood?! Sumitomo Forestry
Cheryl swerves tricky question BBC
Best cities to travel to on a business trip Westend61 via Getty Images
It's a bonding experience PA Archive/PA Images
Shock report into mortality rates Getty Images/EyeEm
Councils hit by hacker attacks Getty Images/Moment Open
Oxfam confirms shop abuse claims AFP/Getty Images
'Best' Easter egg isn't actually edible Good Housekeeping

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