Here's why your KFC is still closed Getty Images
Woman 'ejected over period pains' Eric Gaillard / Reuters
City fights back against sex tourists Corbis via Getty Images
Driver sought after road body find PA Wire/PA Images
OAP leads police on motorway chase PA Wire/PA Images
Is this why Brendan Cole was axed? POOL New / Reuters
Best cities to travel to on a business trip Westend61 via Getty Images
Evangelist Billy Graham dies at 99 Reuters Photographer / Reuters
Mum marries ancient pirate ghost People
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Tories on Brexit 'road to nowhere' PA Wire/PA Images
Craze sees kids hanging off bridges PA Archive/PA Images
China furious over statue thumb theft AFP/Getty Images
Bride gets stuck in lift on wedding day InsideEdition
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Little Mix’s Jesy comes under fire Instagram
Serena: I almost died giving birth Instagram
Mum watched 'stabbed son die' PA Wire/PA Images
Chewing gum advert banned Wrigley’s
Zombie crossbow 'marketed at kids' West Midlands Police
Boozing increases Alzheimer's risk Getty Images/iStockphoto
Man fights robot dog - who wins? Boston Dynamics
AI poses 'clear and present danger' Getty Images
Hardliners set out Brexit demands Jack Taylor via Getty Images

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