Incident sparks panic in London Simon Dawson / Reuters
'There are no words to express my pain' PA
Google Earth shows odd shop in desert Google
Creepy rocking horse left in garden Surrey Police
Man finds buried treasure in Essex Mirror
Men risking their lives for electricity Vocativ
Eating alone while travelling for work Csondy via Getty Images
Why do eggs come in different colours? LindasPhotography via Getty Images
Narrow escape for woman on tracks Press Association
High street's best Black Friday deals Getty Images
Man in handcuffs stole police car PA Wire/PA Images
Five great hampers for Christmas Harrods
Minibus drives on two wheels YouTube
Things only people like her will know Getty
Coleen: 'Wayne was silly and selfish' Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Are your undies being bleached? Beeldbewerking via Getty Images
Mum's punishment for wayward son Demetris Payne/Facebook
She got to have one last look at the sea Facebook
Burnt turkey leaves a lot of questions Monica Noel / @Mon_Solo_
Farage plays the race card again LBC
Katie Rough killer jailed for life SWNS
How to responsibly dispose of old tech PA Archive/PA Images
N Korean defector 'is a nice guy' Handout . / Reuters
Parents divided over Santa Cam ALDI
Should kids be playing in street? Getty Images/iStockphoto

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