Ten of the world's weirdest border crossings


Ten of the world's most unusual border crossings

Ever encountered a troublesome border on your travels or come across one that's too weird to be true? Some borders don't make it easy for tourists to cross over to a neighbouring country on holiday.

Take South Africa, for example. If you're tempted to make an onward journey to Mozambique via the Giriyondo border, you'll have to contend with lions as well as guards.

And American holidaymakers visiting the township of Northwest Angle in Minnesota will need to go to Canada for access to, meaning you have to leave the States to get into the States!

Some border crossings don't come with difficulties but are just plain weird. At the Netherlands to Belgium border at Baarle-Nassau, for example, you'll see white crosses and lines around town to differentiate between Dutch and Belgian territory.

One of the strangest borders we've seen is the underground Austro-German border, which visitors to the salt mine in Bad Dürrnberg can see within the tunnels - weird!

We spoke to visa help and advice website IXPVisas.com to find out some of the most unusual border crossings around the world. Browse more below...

Strangest border crossings around the world

Strangest border crossings around the world

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