Was Wayne Rooney trying to get the ball off Pep Guardiola, or auditioning for Strictly?


Despite three good goals, perhaps the highlight of the first half of the Manchester derby was the bizarre moment Pep Guardiola wrestled with Wayne Rooney for the ball on the touchline.

The ball had rolled out and Rooney just wanted to get the ball back you would think... but some had other ideas.

Should we be happy at least some weren't talking about hair though?

From these pictures though, we just think Rooney has his eye on next years Strictly Come Dancing...

Rooney and Pep dance for ball

What is that the waltz?

Rooney and Pep dance for ball

Or maybe the cha-cha-cha.

Rooney and Pep dance for ball

It needs some work, but if Ed Balls can do it...