See just how many empty seats there are at Rio 2016 compared to London 2012


            	Rio 2016: The empty seats issue clouding the Olympics

Rio 2016´s organising committee has admitted it is continuing to face a few problems: There's insufficient food and drink at the venues, long queues to enter the Olympic Park and the one that viewers around the world probably can't help but notice?

There's too many empty seats.

These pics show just how many spare seats there are for some of the Olympic events - like the canoeing, the water polo and the equestrian dressage... Yeah, it's a bit awkward when you compare the number of fans watching in Brazil with London's crowds back in 2012.

Empty seats are seen as Vitezslav Gebas, of the Czech Republic, competes during the canoe single C1 men's semifinal

Fans check their phones among empty seats as the United States plays Spain

A fan sits surrounded by empty seats at the equestrian eventing dressage competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Even venues that are well used to hosting big crowds - like the archery's Sambodromo, the traditional venue for many of the city's samba carnival parades - have been almost empty for some sessions.

But why? Well, take the Sambodromo for example - fans with double-header tickets have turned up late or not come at all. And Rio 2016 has been unable to reallocate the seats to local children, as it had hoped.

This was exacerbated on Monday, when the concession stands ran out of refreshments and fans were allowed to leave the venue in search of food and drink.

On a more upbeat note, Mario Andrada (he's Rio 2016´s hard-pressed spokesman) did say the more central venues and popular sports are seeing much better crowds than the opening days as ticket sales have improved.

In fact, the Rio 2016 website sold 100,000 tickets on Monday. That's up from a daily average of 10,000 a few weeks ago - 82% of tickets have now been purchased.