Footballers! Still want to swear at refs and get away with it? Here are some foreign curses to try


Life as a footballer in England just got a whole lot harder with the news that anyone swearing at the ref will be sent off this season.

No player has been sent off for insulting or abusive language towards a match official in the last five seasons - and we suspect that's not because they haven't been doing it, but more because they've been getting away with it.

So footballers face a choice - either keep getting sent off, or stop swearing.

Or - just maybe - they could evolve, change and learn to swear in another language. Here are some ideas...

Chier dans la colle

China goalkeeper Wang Dalei shouts at the referee

Literally "to shit in the glue", it means to make a mistake in French. Perfect if you think the ref's got a decision wrong.


John Toshak as manager of Besiktas

When John Toshak became manager of Besiktas in the 90s, a rumour did the rounds that "Toshak" was Turkish for "bollocks". This isn't true - but it very nearly is. In fact "tasak", which is pretty much pronounced the same, is Turkish for "bollock". So why not shout that out load and just pretend you're a big fan of the former Liverpool striker?


Pierluigi Collina refereeing an international match

Italians are very keen on adding the word "pig" - "porco" or "porca" to things to make them insulting. So you could shout "porco Dio!" (pig God), "porca miseria" (pig misery) or even "porca Madonna" (pig popular American singer... maybe) at the ref and he'll probably just think you're remembering some super-tasty pork dish you had at your local trattoria.

Coc oen

Howard Webb reacts during a Championship match

You might have guessed Welsh swears would involve sheep, mightn't you? This one means "lamb's dick" - a very solid bit of cursing. A great way to celebrate Wales' successful run at Euro 2016 while also insulting the ref, although he might think he's picked out the word "cock" in there and send you off anyway.


Winston Reid reacts after a penalty is awarded

From Dutch and Flemish, we give you "schijtluis". It means "shit louse" and suggests somebody who's timid or cowardly. Very satisfying to say and undoubtedly useful if the ref chickens out of making a big decision - but it might be tough to get away with as it basically contains the word "shite".

Me cago en la leche

Referee Mark Clattenburg

This delightful Spanish phrase means "I shit in the milk". Take that, Mark Clattenburg. What is it with the French and Spanish and shitting in things?

Filha da puta

Jose Mourinho

As all Chelsea fans know, this is what Jose Mourinho definitely didn't say to Eva Carneiro and it basically means "daughter of a whore". Actually, given what happened when Mourinho didn't say it, god knows what hell would be unleashed if someone actually did. Probably best to stay away from this one.