Euro 2016: Cristiano Ronaldo's emotional final summed up in 9 pictures


It was almost the worst night of Cristiano Ronaldo's career - but in the end it turned out to be one of the best.

As Portugal beat France 1-0 in extra-time to win Euro 2016 without his help, here's the story of Ronaldo's night - injury, moths and all - told in pictures.

1. He warmed up, surrounded by moths.

Cristiano Ronaldo warming up

2. He got knocked down.

Cristiano Ronaldo challenges Patrice Evra

3. A moth landed on he face.

4. He went off on a stretcher.

Cristiano Ronaldo

5. He tried out being a coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo shouts instructions from the sidelines

6. He celebrated.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Portugal's win

7. He took his shirt off, because of course he did.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Portugal's win

8. He lifted the trophy.

 Cristiano Ronaldo holds up the trophy at the end of during the Euro 2016 final

9. And everything was all right.