Jose Mourinho is very happy to be at Manchester United, honest


Do football folk know something we don't? Is there some great advantage to looking wholeheartedly miserable when you start a new job?

Jose Mourinho was on show today as he gave his first press conference as Manchester United manager, so you'd imagine he'd be pretty happy with life.

You'd imagine it, but there's absolutely no evidence of it in the pictures from his unveiling.

Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford

That is one hell of a sour face.

And it's not like the photo is a one-off, or he was just caught at a bad moment. Look - there are loads of them...

Jose Mourinho holds up a Manchester United scarf

Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford

Jose, people are beginning to notice.

Is he wishing he was still at Stamford Bridge?

No wonder he wasn't calling himself the Happy One this time.

Whatever. He'll never quite top Aaron Lennon.