Big thumbs-up for Trafalgar Square's new fourth plinth


A giant thumbs-up has appeared in London's Trafalgar Square in the form of a sculpture for the landmark's "fourth plinth".

Artist David Shrigley created the piece, entitled Really Good, making it the 11th artwork to sit on the plinth since The Mayor of London's Fourth Plinth Commission was launched in 2003.

(Philip Toscano/PA)

The sculpture is cast in bronze and measures seven metres from the base of the hand to the tip of an elongated thumb.

David Shrigley, originally from Macclesfield, lives and works in Brighton and is known for his work examining absurdity and contemporary society.

(Philip Toscano/PA)

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, joined Shrigley in the square for the unveiling outside the National Gallery, and praised the work's "positivity and humour".