This man's act of kindness to the NYPD following the Manhattan blast will definitely make you smile


A man brought coffee and pastries to NYPD and FDNY personnel out on the streets of Manhattan on Sunday.

The generous individual wanted to thank the police and firefighters for their work as they monitored the scene of an explosion that rocked the busy neighbourhood of Chelsea on Saturday night. - Timeline | Facebook

The police certainly appear grateful for the "awesome" gift, and onlookers stopped to watch as the man handed over the bags of Starbucks treats for the officers to share.

FBI agents are questioning five suspects over the explosion on West 23rd Street that left 29 people injured, after pulling over a car on a road in Brooklyn on Sunday. Spokeswoman Kelly Langmesser described as "a vehicle of interest in the investigation".

No-one has been charged with any crime and the investigation is continuing, Langmesser said.

arry on investigations at the scene of Saturday's explosion on West 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue

Authorities are examining whether there is a connection between the Chelsea explosion, an unexploded pressure-cooker device found streets away, an earlier pipe bomb blast in New Jersey or explosive devices found across the state near a train station.

While touring the site of the blast in Manhattan, Governor Andrew Cuomo said there did not appear to be any link to international terrorism.

But the explosion left many people in New York rattled - the city marked the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks only a week earlier.