6 things that have even thicker skin then Jeremy Corbyn


It has been one year since Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election with an impressive landslide victory almost 60%. But despite such lofty beginnings, the past year has not exactly been plain sailing.

He's often found himself the butt of jokes and the object of scrutiny from left and right wingers alike. But no matter where you stand politically, there's one thing we can all certainly agree on - he has very thick skin.

In order to celebrate his one year anniversary, we put together a list of things that are even more thick skinned than the man himself (and believe you me, it wasn't easy).

1. A rhino

(Andrew Milligan / PA)

The rhino's thick skin protects it from sharp grass and thorns and takes on the appearance of armour to protect it from serious injury. Jeremy's certainly developed some armour of his own over the past 365 days.

2. Wayne Rooney

(Nick Potts / PA)

When you play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, captain England at the World Cup and get paid £250,000 a week, you can be subject to serious media scrutiny. Despite his undeniable sporting talent, Wayne has received some pretty mean comments regarding his appearance - similarly Jeremy has been badgered for his unkempt, unruly attire.

3. Sir Richard Branson

(Virgin.Com / Press Association Images)

Known as the daredevil billionaire, Sir Richard recently had a near death experience after smashing head-first into the road during a high speed bike crash. Despite this and defying doctors warnings, the CEO will still be undertaking his charity challenge. There really isn't much thicker skin - literally - then that.

4. Vladimir Putin's bulletproof 'Putinmobile'

Secret designs for Putin's next official limousine were mistakenly published online, revealing the plans for a Porsche engine and a full range of sophisticated security protections designed especially for the controversial Kremlin leader. This car will have one of the thickest skins in all of Russia and will be enough to physically carry him through to the next election. As for Jeremy, that remains unknown.

5. Marco Pierre White Snr

(Steve Parsons / PA)

If you watched Big Brother this year, you'll know all about the celebrity chef's very famous son. Marco Pierre White Jnr has been caught up in a storm of media controversy as his crazy lifestyle has been splashed all over the internet. Marco Pierre White Snr has had to have some seriously thick skin to deal with all that.

6. Last but not least ... these guys

Impressively tough skin.