Nicola Sturgeon has shared her painful miscarriage story prompting a wave of support online


First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has shared the story of her miscarriage for the first time in a interview with the Sunday Times.

The SNP leader has revealed how she and husband Peter Murrell, the party's chief executive, lost a baby when she was 40, shortly before the 2011 Scottish parliamentary election campaign spell, when she was deputy leader.

Sturgeon and husband Murrell on their wedding day in 2010 (Danny Lawson/PA)

Ms Sturgeon, 46, was in the early stages of her pregnancy and preparing to share the news when the miscarriage occurred.

Sturgeon has said she decided to speak about her pain at miscarrying a baby in the hope of challenging some of the "assumptions and judgments" made about women who do not have children.

Sturgeon further explained her choice to make her miscarriage public in a series of tweets.

The release of the Sunday Times article and Sturgeon's tweets on the matter have been met with strong support online, including from those who have experiences miscarriage.

Sturgeon thanked her online well-wishers for their support in another tweet.