New Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Brussels with a brand new haircut


If you want to make a good impression in your new job, it's a good idea to get your hair cut - and that's exactly what Boris Johnson did.

The Brexit campaigner was today at his first official appointment since becoming a minister, at a meeting of foreign secretaries in Brussels - and he was doing his best to fit in with a new do.

Boris Johnson at a meeting of foreign secretaries

The trademark shaggy locks were looking a little more tamed than usual, but it wasn't enough for some people.

And it looked like he was still doing his best to ruffle it.

Boris Johnson at a meeting of EU foreign secretaries

Some people assumed the demand had come from on high.

Or possibly he's been taking advice from one of his predecessors, who previously flagged his hair up as a potential issue.

Either way, it was terrible news for Twitter's premier account dedicated to Boris Johnson's hair.