So what do we know about our new 'first husband', Philip May?


So he's probably unlikely to become the nation's next fashion icon, or the face of an outlandish new campaign, but we can't help but be a little curious about our new "first husband".

Philip May will be the second ever male prime ministerial consort as his wife of 36 years, Theresa May, takes on her new job as the country's second female Prime Minister.

A seemingly quiet character, compared to his male consort predecessor Denis Thatcher, we only really know him from a couple of photos - pictured in a smart suit and snazzy specs, beaming next to his wife and even giving her an affectionate peck on the cheek. But now he has been thrust (slightly) into the limelight, what else do we know about him?

He's an expert in money matters...

Philip is more focused on his financial career over politics.

A veteran in the finance sector, May works as a manager at Capital Group investments, despite his Oxford degree in history. But he has made clear that his career and any political interests are completely separate, with his employer saying: "He is not involved with, and doesn't manage, money and is not a portfolio manager."

And he knows a thing or two about cricket, too.

Cricket might be their first sport, but they wouldn't turn down a trip to the Henley Regatta.

It was love at first bowl. While the Mays met at a Conservative association disco while both students at Oxford - after a pretty unusual introduction by future prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto - it was over their shared love of cricket that they reportedly found a real bond.

All in all, he's a "regular, nice bloke"...

Set to paint the town blue at the Conservative Party's Summer Ball.

Born in Norfolk to a French teacher mother and shoe salesman father, he was educated at a grammar school before starting at Oxford and eventually meeting his now wife - who, aged 59, is two years his senior.

Neighbours and friends of the pair from their home in the Berkshire village of Sonning-on-Thames have described him as a "really nice bloke", "lovely", and a "regular, nice guy," who essentially keeps himself to himself.

Apparently other nearby neighbours include George and Amal Clooney, Uri Geller, and Jimmy Page, but we're not sure if they are quite on dinner party terms.

But he's not to be underestimated.

Theresa May's

Although he prefers to keep his previous political ambitions well out of the spotlight while his wife takes the national centre stage, May (consort) has been described as fiercely intelligent.

As well as being chairman of the Oxford Union and a member of the Conservative association while studying, close friends have said he is always at hand to listen to and critique practise runs of his wife's speeches.

And he is pretty reliable in matters of the heart too. During an episode of BBC Radio 4´s Desert Island Discs, Theresa May described her husband, who helped her through the death of her father following a road accident just a year into their marriage - and the death of her mother shortly after - as her "rock". His support also helped her deal with the discovery that they would not be able to have children.

...So we're probably not likely to see too many scandals from the "first husband" any time soon.