Here are the best pictures from new Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's travels so far


Boris Johnson's appointment by new Prime Minister Theresa May as Foreign Secretary has come as, well, a bit of a surprise.

So while we all process this information, here's a look at some memorable trips BoJo has taken around the world.

There was THAT game of rugby in Japan.

Boris Johnson knocks a child down while playing rugby

Here he is getting up close and personal with a lizard in Singapore.

Boris Johnson pulls on a lizard's tail

Yeah, we're not sure why he's grabbing it's tail either...

And here he is looking a tad chilly in Times Square.

Boris Johnson times square

Of course there was a spot of Boris Biking in Mumbai.

Boris riding a bike in Mumbai

In Japan, Boris got stuck in to his cup of tea.

boris johnson drinks tea

Here he is meeting students in India.

Boris Johnson

And check out Boris' football skills...

Boris Johnson

Well, it surely went better than the rugby in Japan anyway.

Never mind abroad, even just visiting Northern Ireland there's been unforgettable moments too... who knows what's going on here.

Boris Johnson swinging