Has the Duchess of Cambridge mastered the art of levitation?!


Last week royals attended the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Somme at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial in Thiepval, France, where 70,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers with no known grave are commemorated.

Kate Middleton, otherwise known as the Duchess of Cambridge, was seen striding in her usual impeccable style complete with lace dress, heels and poppy. But this time, something was a bit off...

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Let's take a closer look.

Kate Middleton feet


Kate Middleton's feet

As you can see, after thorough analysis, it appears that Kate Middleton is in fact floating above the ground she was apparently walking on.

Yes, she is in fact walking on air. She is doing the impossible. She is proving the haters wrong. She saw that the haters would say it was fake, but she did it anyway.

Come on, look again.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Kate Middleton's feet

Okay, that's it for today. Thanks everyone.