Gibraltar votes by a landslide for Britain to stay in the EU


The first EU referendum result is in, and it is an overwhelming win for Remain in Gibraltar.

A total of 19,322 votes were cast by Gibraltarians in favour of Britain staying in the European Union, compared to only 823 votes to leave.

Gibraltar is a British territory on a peninsular bordering Spain.

However, while the number marks an impressive initial boost for the Remain side, the fact that it is an overseas territory means it's unlikely to be indicative of the overall result.

It's also a far from surprising outcome, given that the Gibraltarian government is strongly in favour of the UK staying within the EU.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond meets Stronger In campaign activists during official visit to Gibraltar.

The relatively small British territory, on a peninsula bordering Spain, is an hour ahead of UK time and so was also the first to announce the total number of Gibraltarians who voted in the EU referendum. That's 20,174, in case you were wondering.

The turnout at the last general election in Gibraltar was just over 70%.