There's a big Mexican surprise waiting for Trump when he visits Scotland this weekend


Neighbours can be awful, can't they? Making noise late at night, planting trees that hang over your garden fence.

But what if you happen to be Donald Trump and your neighbour erects a whopping great big Mexican flag next to your golf course?

Mexican flag takes pride of place beneath the Scottish saltire .

This is exactly what David Milne, who has lived on the land next to the Trump International Golf Links course for 25 years, has done.

His tribute flutters proudly alongside the saltire above his home in protest against extreme claims about immigration that the presumptive Republican candidate has been known for making throughout his election campaign. And Milne says the flag will stay there until Trump returns home from his visit to Scotland this weekend.

Donald Trump at the home where his mum grew up on the Isle of Lewis

He told Press Association Scotland: "I am currently flying a Mexican flag along with my usual saltire just for solidarity along with those worldwide who Trump has decried, insulted and threatened over the years, and will continue to decry, insult and threaten.

"The intention is to keep the flag up until after the New York clown has returned home from his visit."

The Saltire and the Mexican flag fly above David Milne's home.

And local residents couldn't agree more.

Grant Farquharson commented: "Brilliant, sombreros off to you", and Rohan Beyts added: "I now wish I had got one for myself to fly at the lighthouse."

The Trump fanfare might even be taken to the next level after Joe Brown contributed: "I have access to a P.A. Have you considered the possibility of playing some fantastic Mexican music?"

Residents are not keen to share any more holes with Trump.

Trump is scheduled to relaunch his Turnberry golf course and hotel in South Ayrshire on Friday following a £200 million revamp at the resort.

But Milne's vocal objection to the billionaire's current Scottish golf course development - the one close to his home in the Menie estate, Aberdeenshire - goes way back.

He told BuzzFeed News that at least 100 owners had pitched in to buy the surrounding land to prevent Trump from expanding, adding that Trump had described one of them, farmer Michael Forbes, as "living like a pig".

Forbes' response was to erect an even larger Mexican flag on the edge of the course, that can be seen pretty far and wide against the grassy landscape.

And we can't wait to see Trump's reaction.