Tim Peake is looking forward to 'rain, pizza and cold beer' after a triumphant return to home planet


Spending six months in space will make you miss all the earthly things you take for granted (and maybe even resent) - like, for example, rain.

After undocking from the space station just before 6am UK time, Tim Peake experienced a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride back to his home planet - re-entering the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 17,398mph before slowing down to 24 feet per second and landing with a huge thump on the ground.

Stepping out from a very hot Soyuz TMA-N19 capsule - the shield temperatures of which reached as high as 1,600C during the journey - we aren't surprised the British astronaut now wants to chill with come cold beer.

Tim Peake.

"It was incredible," Peake said while being attended by the rescue and medical team in the scrubland steppe of Kazakhstan. "The best ride I've been on ever. Truly amazing. A life-changing experience."

While his time on space may have been an amazing experience, Peake did sound like he was pretty chuffed to be back and ready to see his family.

"The smells of the Earth are so strong," he added. "It's just wonderful to feel the fresh air.

Peake with cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and fellow astronaut Tim Kopra.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the family now."

While aboard the ISS, Peake said he was missing the rain, so naturally, he's craving for a bit of cold drizzle on his face.

"I'd like some cool rain right now - it's very hot in the suit," he said. "It's very hot in the capsule."

Peake (second left) and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov assisting American astronauts Tim Kopra (left) and Scott Kelly (right) with their space suits .

Asked what he would miss about being in space, Peake said: "I'll miss the amazing views definitely."

After spending 186 days on the International Space Station eating pre-packaged astronaut food, Peake is now contemplating treating himself to a "pizza and cold beer".

Although, it is unlikely he will be able sit down with a pint at the moment as his diet will be carefully controlled once he arrives in Germany for rehabilitation tomorrow.