Glastonbury founder urges festival-goers to vote in EU referendum


Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has urged festival revellers to vote in the EU referendum.

The gates to the site are due to open the day before the June 23 vote, with music beginning on the Friday.

The festival was scheduled to take place over its usual weekend - close to the summer solstice - long before the referendum date was set.

Michael Eavis backstage at the Glastonbury Festival

But former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has expressed some concern about the clash, saying it would be a shame if young people were "rocking instead of voting", The Observer reports.

Eavis told the newspaper: "It has been like that for 47 years. Even Neil Kinnock should know that."

He added: "The people coming to our festival have to make sure they vote. The result of this referendum strongly affects their future - it's so important for them and they've got to ensure they're part of it.

"I do believe that the kids who come here will want to be involved. We have said it until we're blue in the face: If you come, vote."

Boris Johnson is surrounded by Vote Leave and Vote Remain activists

Eavis also expressed how important he felt it was for people to vote to remain in the EU.