Joey Essex quizzes Ed Miliband about French 'nicking our fish'


Reality TV star Joey Essex has quizzed ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband about the French "nicking our fish" at a Remain campaign event.

The TV celebrity was among a specially invited audience in north London to hear Miliband warn young voters they needed to register in order to stop the UK quitting the EU.

"Thanks for getting out of bed Joey", Miliband quipped as he waited for the question from the reality TV star, who had tweeted "need more sleep" earlier.

Joey voiced concerns made to him by friends who work at Billingsgate fish market about French trawlers during the question and answer session of Miliband's appearance.

Ed Miliband

He said: "I was speaking to the guys there and they kept telling me that... basically the French nick our fish, they fish in our waters, well they don't nick our fish but they fish in our waters and then they take the fish back to France and they ring us up and say 'how much do you want for the fish?'.

"What would you say to them guys?"

Miliband responded by saying that being a member of a club doesn't mean you always get your own way, and that voters had to look at the balance between what we gain and what we lose from being in the EU.

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

He then added it was important for EU nations to work together.

Leave campaigner and Tory MP James Cleverly insisted EU membership was damaging for young people.

"Ed Miliband's cynical attempt to convince young people otherwise will fool no-one. After his failed efforts to court the youth vote via Russell Brand last year, you'd think he would know better," he said.