9 pictures that prove Princes William and Harry playing polo is just like you having a kickabout with your mates


Sometimes it seems like the Royal Family are a different species from the rest of us, with their palaces and privilege and pampered lifestyles.

But Princes William and Harry were playing polo at Coworth Park in Berkshire on Saturday and, as these pictures show, it was just like any of us going to the park to have a kickabout.

1. A few keenos do a warm-up

Prince WIlliam warms up for a game of polo

2. There's one kid who doesn't know the rules and just picks up the ball

Prince William warms up before playing polo

3. There are no tactics and everyone just rushes towards the ball

Princes WIlliam and Harry playing polo

4. You get an extra goal if you break the windscreen of one of the expensive cars parked nearby

Prince William playing polo

5. Peasants for goalposts

Prince Harry playing polo

6. There's a little bit of argy-bargy

Prince Harry playing polo

7. Someone from a neighbouring game accidentally kicks their ball on to your pitch but everyone just carries on

Prince William playing polo

8. One guy thinks he's better than everyone else

Prince Harry playing polo

9. Afterwards, you run your mate through every minute detail of the goal you scored, but he doesn't care

Princes William and Harry chat after a polo match

The Audi Polo Challenge is all for charity - the princes have reportedly raised close to £10 million with the events since 2007.