Donald Trump brands EgyptAir flight crash 'yet another terrorist attack'


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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has weighed in on the crash of the EgyptAir flight that had been travelling from Paris to Cairo, calling it "yet another terrorist attack".

Trump tweeted on Thursday: "When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!"

The flight, with 66 passengers and crew on board, crashed in the Mediterranean Sea off the Greek island of Crete early on Thursday morning.

Egyptian, French and Greek officials have launched investigations into the crash but say it is too early to determine whether it was due to a technical error or an act of terrorism.

Relatives of the victims of the EgyptAir flight arrive at a hotel where French authorities are informing them

The flight from Paris to Cairo on Thursday morning disappeared from radar 10 miles inside Egyptian air space at 2.30am Cairo time (1.30am BST) after taking off just under three-and-a-half hours earlier from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

A Briton was among the passengers aboard the flight, which made a series of sharp turns and plummeted thousands of feet through the air before disappearing.