Voters across the UK head to polling stations


People across the UK are casting their votes in the biggest test of political opinion since the general election.


The bitter battle to be London mayor and the fight for control of the Scottish parliament have attracted most attention, but 16 million people are eligible to vote in council elections across England, and there are elections for the Welsh National Assembly.

The spirit of democracy is alive and kicking - well, at least it is on Twitter.

Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha cast their votes

It's even drawn across the skies...

However, not everyone has been finding the process problem-free.

... with issues particularly in Barnet, North London. Names were missing from polling lists across the area and residents attempting to cast their vote were stopped.

The council asked those affected to come back later and told voters to take their polling card with them.

Barnet Council has since apologised for the bungling.