You need to see Boris Johnson struggle to make a sandwich in Subway


Boris Johnson visited a Subway branch in Uxbridge and got behind the counter to rustle up a sandwich - but he really didn't seem to find it easy.

After fumbling about getting some plastic gloves on, he gazed confusingly at one of the seeded types of bread and asked: "What sort of bread is it? Is it a bap?".

His confusion clearly continued as he followed up with: "Do you get the tomatoes ready sliced?"

Boris Johnson at Subway

Boris Johnson at Subway

Boris didn't actually eat the sandwich himself, explaining on arrival "I've just had a huge load of fish and chips".

But he did take an interest in Subway's growth in sales, contemplating: "What does that tell us about the world? Why is it growing so fast? Is it that nobody has an office canteen any more?"

Boris Johnson at Subway

Boris Johnson at Subway

When asked if Boris would make a good sandwich artist, Greg Madigan, area development manager for Subway in the UK, said: "With a bit more work, maybe."

He added: "It was a full sandwich."

To be honest, we probably wouldn't complain if we got a sandwich with THAT much filling. Talk about getting your money's worth...