Oscar winner Christoph Waltz failed to crack Hollywood as a young actor


Oscar winner Christoph Waltz tried to crack Hollywood as a young actor, but revealed he gave up after two years and went home.

The German-Austrian born star, who is now a global name, told Graham Norton: "When I was young I tried to crack America but after being a waiter for two years I decided it wasn't for me and I went home.

"I let the dream go and put it on the backburner. I was extremely frustrated."

He's won two Academy Awards for roles in Quentin Tarantino movies, and said of the famed director: "He changed my life. He wrote the stuff that he offered me to win an Oscar with."

Waltz can currently be seen as the villain in the latest James Bond instalment, Spectre.

His Bond co-stars, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and singer Sam Smith were also guests on the show.

Craig, who has recently been quoted as saying he may not reprise the role, told Norton: "I'll genuinely say that I have never done any job for the money. I can't think about another one right at the moment because we have literally just finished this one. Now all I care about is getting the film in front of an audience. But, we'll see."

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