Lidl's new '£100' whisky selling out fast

How does a £100 whisky for under £40 sound? A 33-year-old Maxwell Single Scotch Whisky is being offered by Lidl for £39.99. Scotch reviewer Jim Murray hails it as "something nearing perfection".

So will fine scotch connoisseurs cross Lidl's no-frills linoleum, past the two-ply toilet roll and cheap vegetables, to clutch a bottle?

Whisky rush

If they've an eye for a bargain, very likely. But they will need to be quick about it as this loss-leader is selling fast. If you're not used to the Lidl ambience - no music, no credit cards taken, floor space piled high with long-life fruit juice and porridge oats - some acclimatisation may be necessary. Waitrose it ain't.

But for compelling prices, often significantly cheaper than other major supermarkets, Lidl can be difficult to beat once you've got past the slightly odd-sounding continental names (the same goes for Aldi).

Murray, author of the Whisky Bible 2013, predicts its Maxwell-branded malt could be a future collector's item. Lidl, then, has stolen a Christmas march on its competitors.

Dreaming of a tight Christmas

Morrisons is certainly under pressure currently. Sales, it says, remained "fragile" at stores open for more than a year recently. However Morrisons was recently crowned as the Good Housekeeping Institute 2012 champ for best value festive food.

Morrisons says it could feed festive food to a family of eight for £2.63 per head - including turkey, stuffing, vegetables, mince pies and Christmas pud.

But a Lidl or Aldi Christmas lunch is unlikely to break the bank, either. Just before we published, Lidl sent us an email: "Out of the 5,280 [whisky] bottles we brought into stores yesterday we have sold just over 70% - this works out at about 312 bottles being sold every hour". Scotch drinkers, you need to shift yourselves.

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