For week of 24 April

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


If you've not been to see a veterinarian for a while, this is a fine time to schedule an appointment for a check up. Even though you may be feeling good, it's wise to go in for a review or get any needed shots to insure you stay well; that's being pro active! While you're at it, your housemate could follow suit and make an appointment for themselves with their primary doctor for an annual health analysis, then you'll all be up to date healthy.


Many friends are on the move planning both local and long distance trips; near the end of the week a genial person may position you in a bicycle basket when they peddle their way across the countryside. It's also possible you could find yourself temporarily confined in a carry-on box when your humans go on their travels. Soon you'll be enjoying a different climate and participating in fun events with your beloved housemate; one other thing is assured; you'll make new buddies wherever you go!


You're poised to make this a productive week and are ready to attend to household chores your human friend is too busy to do. Your helpful ways are appreciated and taking care of chores keeps you out of other kinds of trouble. You suffer something of a temptation to get into various kinds of mischief, but with your focus on your tasks you're less likely to get your nose in it! An unusual adventure at week's end comes as a pleasant surprise for you and your housemate.


By week's end you'll be back in a comfortable zone, but what you have to go through to get there may have your hairs standing on end. If you happen to be hairless, the affliction may be more in the line of making your ears pop! Don't be afraid; the problems are largely due to unwanted, unacceptable levels of noise. Of course, you can take a pro-active approach and when things get to an intolerable level, you can join in at the top of your voice!


How cheerful it is when those you live with act pleasantly and you relate easily with all family members and guests. It's not to be one long party though, as projects are calling for attention and your housemate thinks it sensible to get them started before too much time goes by as holidays are coming. You're ready to help with these efforts in any way you can, for you know whatever good you do for the family ends up being good for you too.


It's natural to be distracted with all the exciting events going on in town and in the world at large as people everywhere prepare to say goodbye to another calendar year and welcome a new one. The spirited holiday season that was provided you with reasons to party, but the most significant one of all comes this week. Being the reflective soul you are, you're as inclined as your people are to review the past twelve months and make promises to improve in the year ahead.


As sweet as you are most of the time, it's unrealistic to expect you can maintain this attitude day after day. Happily, a sensitive person you're close to picks up on all your moods and notices when you're not up to par; this kind soul comes to your side with comfort and practical help just when you need it most. Everyone can use a helping hand now and then so stop objecting and accept what's offered to you, even if it means taking a tonic you don't particularly like!


Your home companion is well pleased if you take care of things, fetch their socks and slippers or carry trash out to the bin, but don't wear yourself out working. Pampering yourself is just as important as tending to the needs of those you share space with; if you're able to, spend time outdoors a bit to get a breath of fresh air. If weather conditions won't permit you to venture outside, sit by the windowsill and contemplate the natural world for a spell.


Upsets become a normal part of life and are only made worse if you let a sense of nervousness get the better of you! Both you and your housemate would do well to engage in relaxation exercises; the health benefits are many! When all else fails calming music offers an assist toward feeling more peaceful and dispelling negativity. Of course, enjoying a satisfying meal does wonders too, no need to rush for any reason, just take your time and savour every luscious bite!


You'll be a real handful as far as your owner is concerned. You hate being alone for even a second. If your owner heads for the door, you'll whine and cry most beseechingly. It makes your friend feel guilty just to step out for the newspaper! The reason for this separation anxiety may be unclear. Maybe it's just one of your flights of fancy. Even pets can have vivid imaginations!


Solitude is not bliss this week; you seek company at every turn. Having lots of people and pets around lifts your spirits. Of course, you'll remain your dignified self, refusing to join games that make you look foolish. Still, you'll enjoy watching crazy antics from the sidelines. If your owner wants to make someone's acquaintance, they'd be wise to use you as a means to break the ice. You're a love magnet!


As far as you're concerned, it's perfectly obvious what's bothering you. Unfortunately, your owner is acting like you're speaking a foreign language. These misunderstandings are bound to crop up. After all, you are totally different species. If your pal is really smart, they'll read some books on the way animals communicate. That way, they'll be able to interpret your signals correctly, instead of throwing up their hands in despair.

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