For week of 23 January

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


Ah, may those scheduled massages never end and may your companion keep pampering you with an assortment of beauty treatments. No wonder you're feeling completely relaxed and at ease! Whether in real life or in your dreams you'll be dancing around the house to the tune of some grand Broadway show tune. Nothing you can think of needs to be changed, you're in heaven; even your particular eating habits are being indulged as all your favourites are in rich supply; enjoy the rhythm of these perfect days.


A fiery energy gets the week off to an adventurous start and you're fittingly the first to embrace it. Your housemate won't take long to recognise you're acting more than usually restless, but while they're wondering how to handle this, you've already concocted a fantasy of a trip to an unexplored site. This is a fine time for you and your people to connect with someone you both like to get the details of an excursion worked out and happily launched; have fun!


You're not as playful as you usually are, preferring to stay close to your feeding station. Food may be something of an obsession for you. If your dinner is a minute late, you'll whine with anxiety. It's very important that your owner doesn't overfeed you, even if you do seem to be suffering from additional hunger pangs. Eating rich food will compromise your health. You're better off playing a game of tag or hide-and-seek.


Here you go again, your mystic side is working overtime; you just can't help knowing things! Use your special powers to keep your companions out of harms way or to help those who've lost a loved one by offering your comforting presence. Because you have such a calm nature, the whole atmosphere of your home is peaceful and serene. A creative urge could set you to developing a work of art. Respect the wishes of your human friend by keeping your project in the workspace designated.


Oh for the stability and peaceful harmony of former days; it seems the vibe has shifted and the air is suddenly charged with a suggestion of danger and mystery. This change has an upside, though, you're now even more easily able to communicate unencumbered with human and pet friends in the here and now and in the great beyond. They're able to intuit messages you're sending, too! Engaging in exchanges with spiritual entities is an amazing experience; your housemate rather envies your special ability!


Confusing energies surround your family. Your humans seem out of sorts due to problems of their own. Animal friends seem disgruntled for their own reasons. You're finding it difficult to relate to this climate and make your way through it. Just lay low. This will pass soon enough.


You're not likely to expend much energy this week. It seems like too much trouble for the sake of a few treats. What you really want is respect, not expensive toys and lavish treats. One harsh word and you fall to pieces! Luckily, you're extremely well-behaved. That's why your owner should take a few moments to show their appreciation. An extensive grooming session will give you the reassurance you need to be happy.


The general mood favours social activity and gathering with loved ones you may not see too often, as well as those you happily cavort with almost daily. With an open heart, you'll make new friends during your upcoming adventures, and as a bonus, you'll get beneficial exercise as you join in the many social excursions around town. Though there will be some differences in what you and your friends are in the mood for, they'll come up with options even the fussiest pet could enjoy.


The call of the sea is always in your blood, but you get a particular longing to be shore side as this week unfolds. Should your housemate mention the word vacation or getaway, be ready to slide pictures of ocean resorts or blue pools under their nose. While others might seek the excitement of shopping or dining in a big city, you long for salty air and sunbeams dancing on the water. Gather your necessities; it's time you and your people headed out!


The next few days will bring some emotional changes and challenges. Varying moods overtake you and you find it difficult to keep them in check. It will be especially difficult to stick with plans and arrangements that you have made for yourself. You keep changing your mind. Humans aren't much help and could come between you and what you want to do.


At a time when you might just be relaxing and enjoying having others do for you, your instinct to protect your humans is sharpened, leading you to spring into action at the first sign of trouble. You're particularly attuned to the needs of youngsters who may be spending time at your home, whether they live there or not. In some ways you're taking a larger view and expanding your long standing definition of family to include some who aren't actually relatives. Keep up the good work!


You'll be spending lots of time with your owner this week, which is refreshing. The two of you make a terrific team. You're able to sense your friend's moods, while your companion provides you with all the creature comforts you need to thrive. If your human happens to have a significant other, loyalty problems could develop. It's plain to everyone that you come first. The sooner your lover's mate accepts this, the better.

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