For week of 19 June

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


Though the week starts with you feeling a bit strained, it evolves into something lovely. You may spot someone you think to be a suspicious character, and this is unnerving, but before day or two goes by you'll realise they were secretly trying to deliver something to your home without you knowing about it. A special time of year is fast approaching during which your people won't be the only one who'll be plotting surprises for you. You've lots of fun to look forward to!


By week's end you'll find it much easier to go with the flow, but in the meanwhile you may feel like you have to paddle upstream. Because you tend to get set in the routines you're accustomed to, you're annoyed when changes are put in place. If your humans want to change your diet or move your sleeping spot, don't put up a fuss. As long as you're getting plenty of cuddles and kisses you should be as agreeable as any pet could be.


Some lessons aren't easily learned, but you're of the disposition to go with the flow of the moment and fare better than many of your animal friends going through the same prescribed activities. It's also in your favour that you have a teacher that you're very fond of; this in itself makes you more agreeable to performing what's asked of you. Don't be concerned, some of your activities will be quite fun and you'll be proud to have raised your level of performance up a notch; all of life is a journey in education.


You're not likely to let the start of the week dissolve into too much pleasantness while you're in a dark mood. Responding to invitations that make you feel anxious would be a mistake, while capturing a nap here and there is advised. No need to venture out if you don't wish to, but visitors who stop by may ask to see you as well. With friends arriving there are sure to be good smells coming from the kitchen from warm treats that will soothe you.


With word being passed about that a proposal was accepted you're not quite sure what to expect. Has your human companion won a big business deal, has ownership of your home been transferred to another owner or is someone getting married. It will take some time before you know what's actually in the works, but a big clue will come forward when you examine the results of a shopping trip. The contents of a box or bag tell the tale; don't divulge the secret till everyone's ready!


A human friend who enjoys the spotlight as much as you do is delighted to have you as company; you flow easily in and out of social situations that would rattle other creatures. You're totally at home in the popular world and take pleasure in being sought after or followed by photographers. Though you may have preferences of your own, when you're in these attention grabbing situations, you don't make any demands of your human companion; in essence, you'd be the perfect celebrity sidekick!


You come off the weekend in a very communicative mood, but within just a few days you'll find the vibe has shifted and your pace slowing. This is fine, as even a super sociable pet like you needs a time out now and then. While your people! get involved in other duties or tasks, you could be left to temporarily fend for yourself. Not to worry, with the TV left on you've lots to watch, especially when your favourite animal programs come on.


You'll be a bit jealous and possessive of your owner this week, which is only natural. Lately, your friend has had time for everybody else but you. Make your need for love and affection known. A few petulant outbursts should do the trick. Secretly, you long to be pampered and babied. Your human friends would be wise to be extra solicitous right now. Normally, you're the one taking care of them. Turn the tables!


Is there anything more fun than having a lot going on and visitors who have lots to talk about stopping by? You're totally tickled when friends spend an afternoon or evening chatting on a variety of subjects. You'll be happily occupied now, as there's sure to be your desired level of activity and communicating going on. One negative to this in your view may be the clean up chores that accompany the preparation before and the effects after your hosting duties are done; be brave!


Such an avid dreamer as yourself is well aware that a sensible number of hours need be dedicated to sleeping; if one of your creature pals prevails on you to join them on an unscheduled expedition, you can remind them of this truth with a wide yawn. How can you possibly enjoy tomorrow's adventures when you've not had your proper rest? Besides, roaming around odd places comes with an assortment of risks and currently you're committed to not taking any unnecessary ones!


While you stretch and yawn almost in slow motion, your human friends have begun to move in high gear. Spring cleaning will occupy them for the next few weeks and this week begins with the elimination of pieces of furniture that you had formed an attachment to. Be of good heart. This will create more space for you until these items are replaced with clean new pieces.


It's surely more appealing to settle into a freshly cleaned and tidy space. You have a choice to join in and help your housemate when they come by with a broom or get out of the way altogether to make way for the clean up to take place. You may have noted in the past that domestic chores get done more contentedly when there's music playing in the background. If your human companion forgets this, you can issue a reminder by turning on the dial.

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