For week of 20 March

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


With your unique psychic channel open and flowing nicely you make your way through the days with the ease of one who knows what's coming next! Employing your skill to keep your housemate on the right path is a wonderful use of your talent. If your human friend is inclined to delve into the occult by getting their palms or cards read, this would be a fine time to do so; your being present at such a consultation would add a lot to the atmosphere.


Taking a long journey could be in the cards this week. Perhaps your owner will bring you on a trip. Maybe you'll be sent to stay with a loving friend or relative. Getting a change of scenery will lift your spirits considerably. If there's anything you hate, it's a boring routine. Listening to lively music will keep you occupied when human companions are out, but you shouldn't be left alone for very long.


You know how great you look, so you'll be delighted when a guest with a camera makes you their subject. Be patient and pose prettily for this avid photographer; in future days the images they're preserving now will mean quite a lot to you and your housemate. As the activity level in your home escalates you're delighted to take on the role of welcoming committee to all visitors. This is a pleasant time for you as such congenial interaction is something you revel in!


Are you practising to be a rap star or do you just like making noise? Not everyone appreciates this new form of expression you've taken up and one wonders if you've even given a thought to the sensibilities of your housemates! If you're feeling restless or have pent up energy, let your companion know you have a need; perhaps together you can decide on a more appropriate or productive activity that won't annoy those you live with. Getting daily physical exercise is a good beginning.


This isn't a particularly good time for you and if your housemate comments that you're a bit edgy, they'd be correct. Finding things to be annoyed with comes all too easily; if you could voice your criticism you surely would. Until this passes, its best if you find ways to be good to yourself; eating well and getting enough sleep is more important than ever when you're going through a phase such as this. Move carefully through the house so as to avoid any electrical entanglements.


As an observer nature, human and otherwise, have you noticed that the same individual or animal is usually the first to come to mind when things go wrong in your neighbourhood? When this happens, do you feel above it all? Be careful; a naughty someone is planning clever ways to divert attention from themselves by making it look like you're the guilty party! You'll have to be on alert around the clock to catch this culprit in the act, but what a sensation it will cause!


You want nothing more than to be of service to the humans in your life. Luckily, this week presents a perfect opportunity to do just that. Be prepared to reap all sorts of gorgeous rewards after you've provided your owner with comfort, laughs, and love. Although you're just doing what comes naturally, this behaviour is quite unusual in the human world. No wonder your friend treats you with such reverence!


Putting on an act is fun, but some observers aren't sure what you're up to. Some think you're carrying on in a bid for attention; others deem what you're doing as pure mischief making. It's more about the fact you just don't like things to be too quiet for too long and when the impulse to shake things up strikes, you can't resist. What comes of your current spin into the dramatic creates both smiles or quizzical looks on the faces of your nearest and dearest.


So what if you're not thinking out of the box, no one is better than you in honouring traditions and sticking to rituals. As the week begins, you're the one who will step up to the task. Your people are naturally busy with household matters, and sometimes overlook important dates; luckily you're there to sound the alarm or signal a reminder. You figure out a way to put needed information in place for your friend to find because you know how to get things done.


There's nothing like the uplifting feeling you get when things around you are made prettier, so start smiling; your humans are about to make some changes in your living space that you'll view as marvellous improvements. These little beautification projects make everyone feel good as they bring a change of scene and an air of pleasantness, but even more pleasure will be arriving in the form of a visit from someone you're particularly happy to see; enjoy these happy turns of events by being well behaved!


No wonder you're a bit out of sorts, what with other animals poking their noses into your business or trying to edge into your territory and human friends being on the cranky side, it's a melange of miseries! Though you're going through a challenging period, do try to maintain yourself. You'll get a spot of relief mid-week when an enchanting visitor arrives and eases tensions all around; enjoy all the hugs and psychic vibrations you get then! Your intuitive sense will be at a high.


The vibration of change enfolds the world and you feel it creeping into your home environment marked by a special celebration. The mood of the first night of the year is to your liking and you'll later find yourself remembering this passage as an enjoyable moment. Think of all you've seen and learned since the last year at this time; as you and your humans look ahead, rest assured you'll see and learn even more as one year ends and a new one begins.

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