For week of 20 February

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


Playing light and dark all week is fun for you, but it may drive your owner to distraction! You've always had a dual nature, and it's especially apparent now. A mate could be a stabilising influence. If that's not an option, your human friend would be wise to speak to you in a calming voice for a few minutes each day. This little ritual will strengthen your bond and keep temper tantrums at bay.


With many tempting titbits scattered around the house, you're able to have a veritable feast, but watch out, nibbling on such a wide assortment of flavours could upset your tummy! Another ever-possible danger is that of putting on too many pounds! Visiting friends are sure to bring boxes of pet treats, meant to be portioned over an extended period of time, but your eyes are always bigger than your stomach, and when you're in such an undisciplined frame of mind it's so very hard to resist!


You may not be capable of whistling while you work, but you have as much fun doing whatever needs to be done as if you were able to pout out a tune to carry you along. Perhaps your human companion keeps the radio or hot CD's playing when there are chores to attend to, but it's your natural enthusiasm for getting jobs done that keeps you going. By next week these workaholic tendencies will give way to thinking about a well-deserved vacation plan!


Unpredictable humans mean well, but they can leave you wondering whether they'll ever follow through on what you thought were promises made. Don't lose hope; once things settle down in their topsy-turvy lives, plans concerning you will come into focus again. There could be an excursion to a place of entertainment or to foreign locale. As you get wind of these discussions find clever ways to make your preference known. It wouldn't hurt to help with chores around the house to keep everyone's mind on appreciating you!


You'll provide lots of comfort for your owner this week. The pressures of public life could be weighing on your human companion. However, all their troubles seem to melt away in your presence. Make yourself available for late-night cuddling sessions and early morning confessions. Your unconditional love goes a long way to repairing emotional wounds. Career upsets also seem less hurtful when you're around.


Each and every time you do something helpful without being asked you gather points in your human friend's book of good behaviour! All that is sure to matter later this week when presents are being arranged to honour a special celebration that occurs on Sunday! You know what pleases humans by observing your housemate's behaviour so hop to it, do all you can to bring smiles to their faces and soon you'll be licking your lips savouring the juicy treats are placed before you.


Take care that your passion for a close friend of yours doesn't turn into jealousy. You're used to spending time with this animal, but right now they're also getting lots of attention from others, so you're left somewhat on your own. Sitting and obsessing about this for days will only drain you physically and emotionally, and it's both silly and wasteful to stay indoors fretting. Turn your attention to being kind to everyone and you'll attract a huge appreciative following of your own!


This could be your most blissful period all year and you may enjoy it most by sleeping it all away! That wouldn't be true of almost any other creature, but because you're so psychically tuned you'll get tremendous information from your dreams now. What you learn from these reveries could be so powerful and far reaching, they may help position you to do something quite extraordinary in the future. Of course, staying awake during normal hours could also prove important as you may intuit life saving insights.


With lots of work to be done in preparation for the coming end of the year, you're in seventh heaven. You greet each day with vigour and enthusiasm tickled over the tasks your housemate has lined up. Enjoy your shared chores and encourage your companion to inject an even higher level of fun into the experience with appropriately paced music. This keeps you both upbeat and moving through the days tension free. You will enjoy the happy home you and your people are creating now.


With so much love surrounding you, you feel free to explore more and more ways to enjoy your home. Your housemate adores having you nearby and they currently don't mind sharing their cosy chairs or beds with you, even if they may have been the tiniest bit reluctant in the past. To be honest, if there's anything else you had been wanting, but were previously refused, now is a great time to pursue once again; most humans will be quite accommodating toward you for the next two weeks.


Loving attention from humans and amorous regard from others of your species has you in a cosy mood. Warm new relationships of various kinds are likely to begin now, and friendly alliances you're already involved in will certainly heat up. Showing affection is easy for you, as you're quite relationship oriented, so you can expect lots of petting, hugs and kisses all around for the foreseeable future. Surprise presents are also possible.


The week gets off to a busy start so it's not surprising when you end up tripping over your own feet or someone else's! If redecorating projects are going on, this bungling will be exaggerated even further. Your housemate can mitigate many problems by setting you up in a comfortable corner so you're not caught underfoot. By week's end things will have taken a turn for the better and your people will be thinking about planning something special for you.

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