27 June

It will be difficult to collaborate. You have a specific idea of what should be done. The rest of the group will insist on going in another direction. You have to decide whether it's worth staying with this organisation. Going off on your own will be more difficult than you think. You won't have the same level of influence. It may be best to go with the programme and keep your head down. After this job has been done and dusted, you'll get a clearer sense of which path to take.

Call one of the gifted psychics on *0906 539 1662 (150p per minute + Phone Providers access charge, 18+) or 0207 111 6154 (Credit/Debit Card payments) to hear why you should defer to a good friend, romantic or business partner. You're not thinking too clearly right now. Trust their natural intelligence to get you through a difficult situation.

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