Better than the takeaway

Save money and make your favourite dial-in supper yourself


Twice Cooked Melting Pork Recipe By Gok Wan

The advantages of making your own versions of takeaway favourites are many. They're often cheaper and quicker than the ones your order in. As a bonus, cooking them at home also gives you the chance to control the amount of butter, fat and sugar that goes in. You still get all the flavours, but far fewer calories.

If Chinese flavours are your thing, then quick-cooking noodles and stir-fries can be on the table in no time at all. This tasty kung po chicken takes just 20 minutes.

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Some Indian favourites, including a subtly-spiced chicken korma, benefit from being made in advance and left in the fridge so that the flavours develop fully. Then all you need to do is cook rice or serve with naan bread.

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If you want to try your hand at spicy chicken dishes, consider cuts such as wings that cook quickly and still give you loads of flavour. You'll need a big stack of napkins or some kitchen roll.

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Pizzas cook incredibly quickly - usually less than ten minutes in a very hot oven – so you'll probably be eating sooner than if you order one.

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If you're craving Mexican flavours, piccadillo tortillas are quick and easy to prepare, or try some delicious herby steak tortilla wraps.

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Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes are often based on rice or noodles being stir-fried so are quick to prepare and pack a lot of satisfying flavours into a warming bowlful. Try your hand at takeaway classics green curry or pad thai (and bear in mind that you can make them with chicken, prawn, beef or pork - whatever takes your fancy).

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Sometimes only a classic burger will do, and the bonus of making your own is that you can guarantee the freshness, flavour and quality of ingredients.

The nation's Friday night favourite, fish and chips is also possible at home, and you can get it on the table fresh from the kitchen rather than hurrying home with a soggy parcel of limp chips and damp batter.

And if only a pie will cut the mustard, try this delicious chicken and mushroom number.

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