Hyundai ix55 - a 'world' car


Take a proto-American SUV of appropriate dimensions (at least for the USA), give it new headlights and bumper trim as well as a firmer suspension in order to appeal to the taste of your target group on the other side of the Pond and present it as a high-end SUV for Europe. That in a nutshell is Hyundai's patent recipe for earning maximum revenue for minimum effort.

And has it worked for them? Nope!

The ix55 (they obviously had to adapt the name in order to fit in with the current branding scheme at Hyundai) has 'used car' written all over it. Even if it has been specially modified for our European pretensions, it seems they still couldn't bring themselves to dispense with all the curvaceous US-style plastic mouldings.

In order to europeanise the powertrain, they're also offering a diesel version (unobtainable in America).

At least with seating for seven, it shouldn't be too tight a squeeze for the passengers.
The jury's out on how successful the ix55 will be over here; after all, the Santa Fe doesn't seem to leave much of a market gap for yet another Hyundai SUV.