Viewers in pieces over cheeky phallic statue on Antiques Roadshow


There's never a dull moment on Antiques Roadshow, and the latest episode yet again managed to cause a stir with viewers.

A vicar got TV fans at home giggling as she brought a set of saintly statues from her church, St Mary Magdalen in Coventry, to be valued as the BBC programme visited Baddesley Clinton near Warwick.

Antiques Roadshow

Art dealer and expert Philip Mould took a look at the four items and appraised them all before coming to the final one, which showed a likeness St George killing a dragon.

The piece however prompted the vicar to reveal that many in her congregation had been troubled by it due to its somewhat suggestive shape.

She said: "It caused a bit of concern when it's silhouetted against a window. He's been relegated to the organ loft nowadays..."

Philip agreed that he could "see he's wrestling with it".

Obviously fans of the show were incredibly amused by the conversation-starter of a statue, taking to Twitter to laugh out loud.

Still, it was a good day out for the vicar as the four statues were valued at £50,000, with St George coming in at between £2,000 and £3,000.