Toksvig: It's absurd if I'm not paid the same as Fry for presenting QI


Sandi Toksvig - comedian, TV presenter and avid campaigner for women's equality - says it's "absurd" if she is not receiving the same pay cheque as Stephen Fry for hosting the BBC's comedy quiz show QI.

The British-Danish writer, 58, known for hosting BBC Radio 4´s The News Quiz for 23 years, now replaces Fry as host of the programme, after a break which saw her co-found the Women's Equality Party with Catherine Mayer in 2015.

Sandi Toksvig is presented with her OBE by the Prince of Wales in 2014.

Not ruling out a future political career, she told a Radio Times interview: "I am really proud of the party," which campaigns for equal pay.

But when asked if she would be getting the same pay cheque for her QI role as her predecessor, she said: "That, you would have to ask them. Certainly if you are doing the same job it seems a bit absurd if you're not paid the same."

The broadcaster said it did not comment on such matters.

Sandi Toksvig (left) with Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Nicholson and Fahma Mohamed at the Women of the Year Awards 2014.

The mother of three added that Theresa May's role as Prime Minister goes to show how, when there is trouble in the political world, "women are called upon to fix it."

She said: "It's very interesting to me that a woman has been put in charge and she's the sort of woman you want in charge. She's slightly nannyish and she's the daughter of a vicar.

"I've met Theresa May and I think she's a good person. You sit down and have a sensible conversation and she is really, really capable of having a sensible conversation."

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