7 things we learnt from BBC's The Victorian Slum


The BBC2 social history documentary, The Victorian Slum aired today for the first time and audiences were not disappointed.

From the costumes to the set, we were transported to a Victorian slum, recreated in modern day east London to witness the truly squalor side of the industrial revolution including the doss house and its "tuppenny hangover" sleeping arrangements.

Real-life families moved into the slum to experience first hand the hardship that people would have faced at the time.

BBC/The Victorian Slum

Here's what the first instalment of the five-part series taught us:

1. Life was hard in a Victorian slum.

2. But some parallels to the modern day were actually uncanny.

(BBC/The Victorian Slum)

3. The British people love social history.

4. Life was hard for a single mother.

BBC/The Victorian Slum

The show showed the struggle of one single mother trying to pay her way with very limited options for work.

5. It made many of us feel lucky for what we do have.

6. Some people could see their family history play out on screen.

(BBC/The Victorian Slum)

7. It was powerful stuff.

(BBC/The Victorian Slum)