X Factor: Honey G makes it through to the live shows and viewers are both outraged and ecstatic


The X Factor has finally found its three finalists from the Over 25s category to proceed to the live shows and, believe it or not, Honey G has made the cut.

Sharon invited the hopefuls to her home in Los Angeles to sing their hearts out in her back garden in front of Robbie Williams.

And while each and every one of the contestants put on the performance of their lives, Sharon could only take three to the live shows with her.

Honey G

Many viewers were outraged at Honey G's triumph, while the likes of Christopher Peyton, James Wilson, Samantha Atkinson and Janet Grogan were left heartbroken to have been sent home.

Although she was considered by many to be a joke act, aspiring rapper Honey G managed to wow Sharon with her rendition of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. Even Robbie seemed impressed with the performance, admitting he'd remember the contestant for the rest of his life.

Honey G

Sharon and Robbie weren't the only ones to have taken to the contestant, as several viewers expressed their delight at the news Honey G had made the cut.

Sharon decided to taken a huge risk on the 35-year-old and take her through to the live shows, along with Saara Aalto and Relley C.