Twitter gives us a masterclass in how to ace Hunted


If there's one thing everyone seems to agree on with Hunted, it's that they could do better.

The Channel 4 reality contest returned to screens tonight for a second series, where 10 contestants are battling it out to successfully avoid a team of professional pursuers for 28 days in order to win their share of a £100,000 prize.

Hunted's hunters

Just like with the first series, viewers reckoned it looked pretty simple.

There was the fact they kept using their phones - so easily traced.

Keeping social media active wasn't a great idea either.

And the dad who made contact with his family on day two so that he could celebrate his child's birthday.

Be careful your own mum isn't a total blabbermouth.

People felt the contestants should obviously stay out of city centres.

People need to think a bit more carefully about their disguises.

So we know what not to do...but what should we do to win?