Watch James Corden dress up as Bowie, the Spice Girls and Slash in Apple Music advert


James Corden should be advised to stick to the day job after an Apple Music advertisement has shown him pitching terrible ideas to a room full of executives.

The comedian and talk show host starts off badly, suggesting: "Here's your commercial. What if I'm giving birth to Justin Bieber who's giving birth to Anthony Kiedis who's giving birth to a phone?"

The executives are unimpressed with James Corden's ideas

But when that goes down like a lead balloon, the British Late Late Show presenter tries a different tack: "Wait, what about this - me as every iconic music star in history. Bam! I'm Bowie. I'm Slash. I'm the Spice Girls! I'm Pharrell!"

James Corden as David Bowie

James thinks he has finally hit on a great idea when he is inspired by the idea of "40 million songs".

"Picture this," he said. "I'm stood on the edge of the ocean. I dive head-first into the water. But I'm surrounded by... wait for it... 40 million apples."

James Corden surrounded by apples


Watch the full video here:

It has recently been confirmed that a standalone Carpool Karaoke is heading for Apple Music - but likely without James as host.