Barbara Windsor reveals plans to return to EastEnders - as a ghost


If Dame Barbara Windsor gets her way, Peggy Mitchell could soon be making a spectacular return from the dead.

The EastEnders matriarch was only laid to rest earlier this year, and viewers could be forgiven for thinking they had seen the last of the famous character.

Peggy Mitchell's funeral in EastEnders

But Dame Barbara has other ideas.

Speaking at the TV Choice Awards, she told The Sun: "I would love Peggy to come back on as a ghost - I'd definitely be up for it.

"I'd love that as I'd have been able to have had a rest for a little bit."

Barbara Windsor as EastEnders' Peggy

The 79-year-old vowed to speak to the soap's bosses.

"I'm going to have to talk to the producers so they can find a way of doing that," she said. "I'm still in touch with them all so it would be easy.

"When I went back for my last scenes I said, "I'll get Grant back for you', and of course he came back, didn't he?"

Grant, Phil and Peggy Mitchell are reunited for one final time as Peggy says a final farewell to the Square

Ross Kemp, who plays Peggy's son Grant Mitchell, has confirmed that Dame Barbara forced him to make his return.

When it comes to ghosts, there is a precedent. Peggy herself was visited by the ghost of Pat Butcher (Pam St Clement) in her heart-wrenching final moments, as she killed herself after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Dame Barbara Windsor at the TV Choice Awards