Val had an absolute 'mare on Great British Bake Off and it was giving viewers palpitations


Biscuit week was not the best time in the tent for poor Val on The Great British Bake Off.

Val takes the biscuit on GBBO (Tom Graham/Love Productions/BBC)

From a trayful of ice cream biscuits tipped on the floor to a crumbling Statue Of Liberty, if it could go wrong, it went wrong for Val.

She had the whole nation on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if Val could survive the pressure of biscuit week.

Val was ambitious with her "From Holland to New York via Yorkshire" gingerbread story Showstopper that represented her family's life journey (and included a gingerbread copy of her sister Susan).

And admittedly it didn't go well.

In fact, it could only be best compared to a disaster movie aftermath.

But amazingly Val survived another week. And the crowd went wild.

Val for the final!