Nadiya Hussain's Chronicles Of Nadiya and its fish-catching otters gave viewers the ultimate wanderlust


Nadiya Hussain continued her journey through her homeland of Bangladesh in the second and final part of her BBC show The Chronicles Of Nadiya.

Former Great British Bake Off winner proved a wonderful guide and fabulous host, first meeting a charity that provides deprived school children with meals in the capital Dhaka, then taking viewers with her as she wound her way around the country on its waterways.

Nadiya and Robin (Love Productions/BBC)

Seeing Bangladesh through Nadiya's eyes was inspiring to viewers:

Many were happy that the country's beauty, food and heritage was getting recognition:

Nadiya with Thrive charity workers Sadia Moyeen and Amna Rahman (Love Productions/BBC)

Nadiya went exploring Bangladesh's huge number of rivers and the fishing traditions around them.

In a small Hindu village on the banks of the Padma, she found fisherman Robin who showed her his particularly unusual way of catching fish: with his family of trained otters.

Viewers loved watching the ancient method:

It was the final part of Nadiya's adventures of Bangladesh and it left viewers clamouring for more: