Where is Biggins? Viewers wonder why removed housemate is absent from CBB final


Christopher Biggins was noticeably absent as former housemates returned to watch the Celebrity Big Brother live final.

Viewers were left wondering where the entertainment veteran was when host Emma Willis introduced the past contestants waiting outside the house to see which of the final six housemates have been voted the winner.

Former housemates Chloe Khan, Lewis Bloor and James Whale (Ian West/PA)

Biggins was removed from the house following three warnings from Big Brother for his remarks on bisexuality and for a comment about gas chambers made to X Factor reject Katie Waissel, who is Jewish.

Channel 5 confirmed that Biggins had not been invited back for the final.

A spokeswoman said: "Only evicted housemates are invited to attend the final."

But viewers were curious as to where he was as the show began.

Some were angry that Biggins appeared to have been erased from the show.