CBB lovebirds Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor put on romantic display as they're finally reunited


After declaring each other "The One", Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor took no time in getting reacquainted after the Celebrity Big Brother final.

Marnie came fourth in the show, and was finally allowed to reunite with her boyfriend Lewis and rekindle their house romance.

The CBB lovebirds snuggle up (Ian West/PA)

She ran her hands through his hair as they sat down outside to chat.

(Ian West/PA)

But was Lewis more interested than Marnie? She appeared to lean away when Lewis went in for a kiss at one point.

(Ian West/PA)

And love's young dream looked concerned as Marnie chewed her lip and Lewis looked away.

(Ian West/PA)

Will there be trouble in post-CBB paradise?