The Celebrity Big Brother eviction is tonight - but who is at the public's mercy?


Chloe Khan, Marnie Simpson, James Whale and Stephen Bear are at the public's mercy as they face eviction from Celebrity Big Brother.

X Factor reject Chloe joined the list of nominees at the last minute, taking Renee Graziano's place on Thursday.

Chloe Khan said she had second thoughts

The Mob Wives star had been up for eviction, but during the shopping task, she secured a "save and replace" - and picked Chloe instead.

Her choice led to a furious row with Bear, who has begun a sexual relationship with Chloe in the house.

Marnie Simpson could be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother

Earlier, Marnie, James and Renee had been chosen to face the public vote during so-called "killer nominations", delivered face-to-face in Wednesday night's episode.

Bear will face the public vote every week because he has an eternal nomination.

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on Channel 5.