Watch Countryfile's Charlotte Smith impersonate a toucan barbet's bizarre bird song


If you are a Countryfile presenter, you have to be game for anything.

Charlotte Smith, who also presents BBC Radio 4´s Farming Today, teamed up with wildlife reporter Mike Dilger at Countryfile Live for a special performance of an "antiphonal duet" in the style of the toucan barbet.

The toucan barbet, of course, is a very pretty bird found in Ecuador and Colombia.

Mike and Charlotte put themselves in the mindset of male and female toucan barbets, jumping up and down and imitating a bird call - which Mike accurately compared to "an ambulance in the rainforest".

The Countryfile presenters

The event at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire was struck with traffic woes on its first day, but everything cleared up for a sunny Saturday.

Some visitors even got a chance to hold little chicks. Cute!