Celebrity Big Brother's Stephen Bear handed formal warning after kicking off in the diary room


Stephen Bear has become the second Celebrity Big Brother contestant to be given a formal warning, after security had to be called to the diary room.

On Wednesday, Aubrey O'Day was issued with a warning by Big Brother for spitting in Bear's sandwich, but now the Ex On The Beach star has earned a formal warning of his own for "unacceptable" behaviour.

Stephen Bear was rowdy in the diary room

Angry after a row with Heavy D in the early hours of the morning, he threw a mug against the wall in the smoking area, damaging a mirror.

But when reprimanded by Big Brother in the diary room and told he was being separated into a spare room, he complained: "This is a joke!" and tried to leave.

Security entered the diary room to ask Bear to sit down. He then apologised and accepted his formal warning.

Stephen Bear

The two had clashed after Bear, who shares a bed with Storage Hunter's Heavy D, brought Chloe Khan into the bedroom.

Chloe and Bear had kissed earlier in the programme as part of a game of truth or dare.

Chloe Khan and Stephen Bear shared a kiss

Afterwards, Chloe said her boyfriend would not mind as "it was just a dare", adding in the diary room: "What have I done? I've just kissed Bear! ... He has sex appeal but isn't my type."

Chloe Khan said she had second thoughts

However, with most of the housemates in bed, the two kissed again in the bathroom, before moving to the bedroom.

Heavy D complained: "I'm trying to get some sleep mate, what's wrong with ya? It's 2am in the morning," sparking the argument.

Heavy D