Viewers were divided over the pushy parents on Child Genius


It was the final of Child Genius on Tuesday, when five young finalists were whittled down to just one champion through an exceptionally tricky specialist subject round and a final head-to-head.

Those battling it out were siblings Stephen, 12, and Georgia, 10, from Birmingham, Rhea, 10, from West London, diminutive Saffy, nine, from Surrey, and 12-year-old Jonathan from Gloucester.

Saffy, nine, went straight through to the final of Child Genius (Stephen Wells/Channel 4)

But the wonderfully intelligent kids were overshadowed completely by their amazingly pushy parents, in particular Rhea's mum and dad Sonal and Anish.

Sonal, who gave up her job as a obstetrician to train Rhea, giving her up to three hours a day of extra homework, caused a stir on the show when she questioned one of the incorrect answers Rhea had given.

Rhea's mum Sonal challenged an answer in the final of Child Genius (Stephen Wells/Channel 4)

In her specialist subject round of Florence Nightingale's influence on military and healthcare reform, Rhea answered Dr Duncan Menzies to the question, "To which medical officer did Florence Nightingale report to in the Crimea?" which wasn't what quizmaster Richard Osman had on his card.

But mum Sonal went to the adjudicators and got them to accept the question was "too general" to bring her neck-and-neck with Saffy on 16 points and see her through to the final.

Some viewers praised the "tiger mom".

But some were very against her actions, which meant Stephen was knocked out the competition.

People were cringing watching her.

But everyone was in awe of the kids.

Although parents at home were just as happy with their own kids.

In the end, Rhea went on to win the competition, with just one more point than Saffy.