Saira Khan reveals the aftermath of giving her husband a 'hall pass' to sleep with other women


Saira Khan's revelation that she had given her husband a 'hall pass' to sleep with other women when their marriage hit a dry patch was exposed to her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates on Sunday.

She had made the admission on Loose Women in May and it was brought up during a task where housemates had to guess which fact related to who in the house.

After Saira was outed as the correct answer, she explained: "I was on Loose Women, we were talking about sex. I said, 'I've even said to my husband, 'If you want it elsewhere just go for it!'"

And for all those wondering what happened after that live, on-air admission, she spilled even more.

"I would like to tell everybody that I am now having good sex!" she exclaimed to the housemates.

Housemates who guessed the wrong answer got gunged (Channel 5)

Phew! Bet her husband Steven Hyde is glad to hear the whole nation knows.

Other facts revealed included that Christopher Biggins had posed naked with an octopus and Aubrey O'Day had frozen her dog's sperm.