Countryfile puts angry viewers off their dinner as presenter digs hands into cow dung


Countryfile celebrated the great British summer with a special episode on Sunday night that featured BBQs, punting and beautiful nights spent wild camping.

But there was one unfortunate scene that had viewers wishing presenter Matt Baker had given them a little bit of warning.

Naomi Wilkinson dug into the cowpats to find food for the bats (BBC)

Co-host Naomi Wilkinson got up close and personal with some cow pats as she went in search of the insects and beetles that live inside and are food for the bats she'd be going on a hunt for later that night.

Sadly, sticking her hands into a thick, crusty pile of poo wasn't what viewers were expecting at 7pm.

Viewers were also unhappy that after the wonderful heatwave last week, Countryfile's "Summer" special was reminding us that Britain's weather was firmly back to normal.

Even Countryfile's official Twitter acknowledged the gilets were necessary.